Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WiP #4

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Only got a little bit of sewing done this week, despite my best intentions.  That's OK though, because we got to have some fun doing other things (touch a truck and strawberry picking!) and necessary housework was done (not so much fun, but way overdue!)

So, what did I manage to sew?  I completed blocks #1 and #2 for the Skill Builder Sampler hosted by Leila on her blog Sewn.  

More details about the blocks here, although not as many details as there will be in the future for that type of post.  If you're visiting my blog to read this then you'll notice the Process Pledge button I've added to the blog.  What that means is that I'll be writing about how I come to make the decisions I do about what I sew.  Hopefully I won't bore you all to tears!

Back on topic: What I've gotten done, or rather not gotten done.  I'm still working on the wedding gift placemats (Gift Project #3).  I think my least favorite part of the placemats I've been sewing up is putting the binding on.  Hubby, Iron Man, has been doing the hand sewing portion, so that's not a problem.  Honestly, I think it would be less work to bind a large quilt than a pile of placemats (less corners for one thing!)  Iron Man really wants to get these done, so they're going to be a priority for my sewing this week.

Coming Up: On Friday we find out what the next block is for the Skill Builder Sampler.   I really want to keep up with these, so I'm hoping that'll be done by next Wednesday.

On Hold:
My mom's jewelry keeper (Christmas gift) I'll pick this up when I'm done with the placemats
stacked coin throw quilt

WiP Recap:
Last week's total: 5
Finished this week: 2
New this week: 1
This week's total: 4

Until later!

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Lee said...

Your skill-builder blocks look great! Love the bright colors. And I love process posts! They most certainly do not bore me, it's why I read blogs! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )