Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WiP Wednesdy #6

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Well, let's try this again.  Some of you may have noticed that I posted late Monday night/early Tuesday morning...Then I realized what day it was and took the post down, thinking that it might change, but it didn't so here it is again!

Is everyone out there staying cool?  It is HOT here!  I wish we were back in Oregon enjoying the weather we had there last month when we were visiting.  Below is a picture I took while on a day trip to the Oregon coast.

Oregon Coast

So, what sewing have I gotten done this week?  Not a darn thing.  In between dealing with the heat (no AC), a kiddo who needed Momma snuggles while sick with a stomach bug and working on my Teacher Work Sample (the last thing I need to get done to finish my teacher licensure program), I did not do any sewing.  None.  That means that the I still haven't finished up the wedding gift placemats.  Sigh.  I really need to get those done.  Good thing the newlyweds are really understanding!

What do I want to do this next week?  This next week (If I get enough homework done) I'm hoping to get the placemats done, sew a robe for Puppy Boy using the pattern by Dana from MADE and work on the June bonus block for the Skill Builder Sampler (hosted by Leila on her blog Sewn).  That's what I would like to do, what I'm hoping to do, but we'll see what actually gets done!

On Hold:
-My mom's jewelry keeper (Christmas gift) I'll pick this up when I'm done with the placemats
-stacked coin throw quilt

WiP Recap:
Last week's total: 3
Finished this week: 0
New this week: (2...maybe...hopefully)
This week's total: 3 (although, maybe, hopefully, 5)

Until later!


Letterpress said...

Some weeks are like this. Glad you took time to snuggle a kid--quilting can wait!

Elizabeth E.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Snuggling trumps anything else, but I sure hope you didn't pick up the bug too! Ah, the Oregon coast. so beautiful!

Melanie said...

Sorry you didn't get to sew this week, but it sounds like you were plenty busy! Good luck finishing the placemats this week!

Lee said...

It's tough when you can't get to the sewing machine, but it sounds like you had plenty on your plate - sick kiddos take priority! Good luck with your WIPs, and thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )